A Bolt Or A Screw – What Does You Need For Your Next Project?

In everyday life, we make use of bolts and screws for fastening different kinds of things. These fasteners are of a great use in our regular households. Right from holding the table you use to the vehicle in which you travel daily, everywhere these fasteners are widely used. Thus, it is truly said that everything that we see and use is fastened by either a screw or a bolt. If you are also looking for some good quality screws and bolts for meeting your several fastening applications, Tradefix Direct is the right place for you. However, these are the two highly demanded fasteners but it is really difficult to know which one to use and which one is better? To get an answer to this complicated question, you need to understand the application of each of it in your home and everyday life.

Role of screws in home

A screw is mainly a threaded fastener that is used to hold two pieces of material together. It is very much similar to a bolt but mostly characterised by a helical ridge. The main purpose of a screw is to give your project or object a secure hold. Some of their applications in the home are:

For furniture:  Right from the dining table to the wooden bed, each and everything is designed with the help of screws. In the home, wooden furniture is the most common example where screw gives their best to hold the pieces together firmly. Whether you have a broken leg of a chair or damaged window frame, all these issues can be solved just by using some screws as they provide excellent grip with the other piece of wood with more power. A lot of interlocking joints which are done by screws can be seen in the type of furniture like tables, wooden shelves, kitchen cabinets, and dressers.

For DIY project: Screws are also an important part of every Do-it-yourself (DIY) project or decorative item.  Sometimes, these are also utilised for completing crafts project for children’s school work.

For repairing work: Repairing of older furniture or fixing machinery is almost incomplete without a screw. Hanging a photo frame to the wall is the most common home-based application of a screw.

Role of bolts in home

Bolts are perfect fastener to be used with several hard materials such as wood, metal, and concrete. These are also threaded fastener but with an external male thread pattern. Bolts find their extensive application in the home for regular household works:

For light to medium construction work: For all the repairing and light construction projects such as fencing, bolts are considered the best. Deck repairing & framing can also be done with the use of bolts.

For Woodworking and furniture: Sometimes in repairing small fixtures and furniture, there is a need for bolts that help to secure the pieces of wood together in one place.

For DIY: In many DIY’s, you can make use of bolts to create an innovative decorative item. You can use small designer bolts to DIY Christmas tree ornaments and some little figurines.

There are many experts who can provide you good quality of both the fasteners. Tradefix Direct is one of them from where you can get sturdy and high-quality bolts and screws.

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