A Perfect Mode Of Transportation

Daniel Garrity

Indian railways have always enjoyed a great place in the hearts of travellers. No matter people raise fingers on it or talk about the rush they found in train compartments; it is needless to say that the popularity of Indian railways is immense. You can find people of all age groups going to different places by train. After all, trains keep every corner of the country connected. No matter a small place or a larger one; trains are reaching approximately every corner.

There are many options that are getting introduced by Indian Railways. Their services like pnr status Indian railway and toll free numbers make it easy for the passengers to say abreast about everything related to their railway ventures. Passengers need not to rely on other people so as to stay informed about the different information regarding their train or otherwise. Of course, even if you want to know when your train will come or if it is on time; you can know everything!

Within budget

Since Indian railways are within budget, the passengers can easily afford even the long journeys. No matter you are a rich person or a middle class family; you can always find a place in Indian Railways. There are compartments like AC1, AC2, Slipper, Chair Car, ordinary, and so on in trains that keep everybody contented.  If you want luxury and you are ready to spend a huge amount, you can go for AC compartments. There too you have options as per your convenience. Similarly, if you have a restricted amount and you want to go to another city; you can book a ticket for an ordinary train compartment.

Similarly, if you think about booking a bus ticket for your journey; that is also good but that won’t be as convenient as a train would be.  First of all, you would not get any halts to go to toilet. However, in trains, you can go to toilets as many times as you want. In bus, the bus halts only once during the journey that too for food purposes. Then you should also understand that train journeys are full of safety. Exactly, you can go through the news, and you would get to know about the increasing number of road accidents taking place every now and then. Even if your bus is on the right track, the other vehicle can hit it. So, the point is the road journeys are no longer as safe as they once used to be. Talking about train journeys, accidents do take place there too but rarely. You won’t get to know about accidents on regular intervals. Since trains have a proper schedule, tracking system and minute-to-minute information about other trains; there are smidgen chances of accidents.

Thus, the moral of the story is that you can easily have a comfortable, within budget, safe, and enjoyable trip in a train. These trains won’t disappoint you in any sense. The icing on the case is that even if you are travelling with your family; the train compartment would encompass everyone. After all, the capacities of trains are much more than other mode of transportation.

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