Apartment Security Mistakes Renters Should Avoid Committing

All of us prioritize the security of our homes above all. Whether you are a renter or an owner, you surely have placed great thought on how you can keep your home safe and secure from possible burglars. While we are too busy installing the latest security gadgets in our home, we have not noticed that there are some things that we are doing that are putting our rentals and home in jeopardy.

Want to know what are these things that hinder your apartment security? Read on to find out.

Using cheap locks.

A lot of homeowners would want to secure their homes but given the chance, they would pick cheap locks over high-quality ones. Keep in mind that locks are the last shield that your home and your family have against possible robberies and crimes. This is why you must fortify your security as much as possible by using heavy duty and high-quality door and gate locks. This is why you should stop going for the most affordable lockout there. Instead, take a look at the features and the quality (not just the price) of your padlock.

Forgetting to unlock their doors.

When there is someone inside the home, people tend to leave their doors unlocked, thinking that all is safe and secured. According to statistics, most burglars have a target– unlocked doors. They would usually walk up to a doorway, ring the bell and jiggle the knob. When it is open, they go ahead and do their thing. This is why you must always keep your doors locked. This is most necessary for people living in apartment complexes.

Hiding a key under the doormat or in the pot.

Most burglars know very well that people keep their house keys in subtle yet most obvious parts of their porch. Go-to key storage options include under the flower pot, under the doormat, under a fake stone and much more. It is best that you stop hiding your house keys under any of the items on your front porch. The best thing that you can do is to have your house keys duplicated and provide one copy for each of your family members.

Having no window accessories.

When you do not have any curtains or blinds in your windows, the inside part of your home is open for all people to see. While you may think that there is nothing wrong about this but leaving your windows exposed allows everyone, especially the burglars, to see your valuable inside. This will increase their temptation to get inside your home and get that new LCD TV of yours.

Posting you’re where about in social media.

When you post pictures of yourself in an island or in a beach, you are letting everyone know that there is no one in your home. It is like giving the burglars a free pass to your home.

Avoid these security mistakes and you can surely keep your valuables and rental property safe and secured.

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