Bio Lab Exotique Is My New Obsession

OMG, OMG, FINALLY people rejoice!! Finally, there is a completely organic luxury skincare brand that sources rare, precious oils such as prickly pear, marula, and neem, cold-pressed them ( yes ! Cold presses !) and mixes them in a high tech lab to produce two face potions: YOUTH and ELIXIR. The brand promises visible results within 48 h . The oils are all multitasking and if you must have just one super beautifying product, choose one of these. YOUTH stimulates and preserves collagen and heals, boosts antioxidants and fights free radicals, plus – creates a skin tone that needs no filtering. ELIXIR is highly hydrating, making your skin naturally glowy and healthy. Both products can be used on every part of your body and hair. Truly multi-tasking. And the packaging is to die for. All black craft paper, with golden details, it all looks super high quality and screams ‘EXPENSIVE ‘ when it’s not- Bio Lab Exotique retails just for 40 USD!

Anybody who is crazy about clean beauty should purchase one or both(!!) of these potions, they feel good, do what they are promised to do, and look great. Perfect.

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