Do Fly Rugs For Horses Really Work?

Just like humans, horses too need protection from sun rays, harmful parasites to keep them free from any kind of harmful disease. If you still feel that other rugs are better, then you should consider the below-given points.

Prevents skin irritations

It is important to understand that opting for the fly rugs is useful since it helps in preventing saliva that comes from flies as well as gnats when they bite. Such parasites can cause severe allergic reactions. These reactions can turn out to be quite itchy as well as uneasy for horses. A problem called ‘sweet itch’, which is mainly a severe infection and causes excessive itching in the body. 

Here the saliva from parasites leads to hair shedding, scarring, and even too much itching. Due to this reason, it is always the best idea to opt for the fly rugs since these are made of durable yet superfine polyester that is usually soft on horses. In addition to that, it will keep harmful insects away from them. It comes with a belly wrap, elastic hood for ears that gives utmost protection to your horses.

Keeps parasites away

Various parasites are there that might turn out to be harmful to the horses. Flies, screwworms, and even blowflies are quite dangerous since they lay eggs mostly on the wounds. When the egg hatches, the larva infects the affected tissue and then feeds on them. In case you leave them untreated, chances are there that the infections might become too severe.

Hence, it is best if you opt for the fly rugs as it will not only keep your horse protected at all times but also keep them cool during extreme heat. You will get options of belly wrap that gives an extra amount of protection.

Protects from harmful sun rays

If you think that UV rays only have harmful effects on humans, then you are probably mistaking. A horse, just like humans, requires protection from the UV rays of the sun, and for that fly rugs are useful. These rugs help in protecting from ultraviolet rays. Not only will it help in preventing coat bleaching especially when it comes to dark horses, but it will also keep sunburns away.

As you know, UV rays cause skin cancer in humans, the horses get affected too. Mostly the light tinted horses get affected having pink skin tined areas. Fly rugs help in preventing UV rays from penetrating through it.

Hence, these are some of the reasons due to which it can be said that fly rugs are truly beneficial for protecting horses.

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