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For those who are interested in stock trading, it is necessary to know the same in a little depth. The stock market is much sensitive to every news that affects the corporate and in positive as well as negative situations it responds to the same immediately. Hence it is much necessary for a trader to keep all the latest information and act as per the price trend. In many cases, the response is so fast that one makes profit or loss before a blink of eyes. In such situation service of a stockbroker makes a huge difference.

The stockbroker:

For a trader, the stockbroker is an important profile as here only one can trade via the offline account. The stockbroking services are not restricted to just trading in the account. A good stock broker is one who can offer numerous services to its clients such as Mutual fund investment, sort out problems related to other investments, provide technical and research guidance to the client and many more. Hence from a client point of view, it is important to check the profiles of top 10 stock broker in India as it can help him get an account opened with a broker who can offer best of the class services and help the client to explore all the probabilities of making a profit.

The segment:

In the stock market,theeare segments such as cash and derivatives. The client must check which will be the best option for him for making a quick profit. In each of the segment the level of risk, amount of investment and return potential are different. There are many people who just jump into the trading of intraday or derivative where they don’t have much knowledge of positive or negative factors and ultimately end up with losing money.

  • Intraday: This is the trading segment where one has to buy and sell the same shares in the same session of the market. Here the brokerage rate is also low compared to the other segments. The best part is one does not need to invest huge amount,and the risk is also for few hours only. IF one has well-researched information, this can be the best option to trade in.
  • Delivery: Here the brokerage rate is high but one does not need to bear any loss as there is no pressure of selling the shares. However, the investment is also high in this kind of transaction as one has to pay the full price of the shares in a couple of days only.
  • Derivatives: This is a segment where the trader has to trade in contracts of certain values. These contracts have an expiry date and hence before the expiry one has to clear the position. In case the position is not cleared the system automatically clear it,and one may have to bear the loss also in that case.

Hence before going for any transaction in the market one needs to have own information and research that can help him to have accurate trading.

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