How To Stage Your Backyard For More Offers

Although it’s usually the interior of your home that takes the spotlight, the front yard is important for “curb appeal”.  That’s the first impression buyers get when they drive up. As well, a well-staged back yard can be a big plus to attract potential buyers.

The Salt Fowler Real Estate Team are specialists in Vernon real estate.  And CBS News says Vernon is one of the best spots in North America to retire with a warm, dry summer climate, so we’ve developed a great deal of expertise at staging outdoor areas around a home.  

No matter where you live these simple outdoor staging techniques will bring forth the best features of your back yard to help convince prospective buyers to make an offer.  

Put away the clutter

Anything that does not usually belong naturally to your backyard should be stored away. Items such as children’s toys, garden tools, large furniture and lawnmowers do not contribute to the overall appearance of the background and should be removed. If you have decorations that have long been worn out, consider replacing them or removing them altogether.

Polish up the landscaping

If you have overgrown bushes and tree branches in your background, make sure to trim them. Weeds and grass should be checked regularly to make sure they do not overtake your yard as well. Do not overlook small details and make sure to check around patios and fences to see if they could use a quick fix-up as well.

Update the structures and foundation

There are many structures in your backyard, such as the fences, patios, furniture and planting beds. Make sure to clean and repair them if necessary. To wash away the years of grime and dirt, you may wish to consider renting a power washer.   

Segregate your yard

Arrange your yard so that there are different areas for different purposes. For example, divide your background into areas dedicated for “quiet seating/relaxing”, “playing” and “planting”. For the “quiet seating/relaxing” area, you may wish to put up some benches or set up a hammock. This is to create in the prospective buyers’ minds different images and how they may best enjoy the area.  

Create a beautiful patio as an aesthetically-pleasing entertainment area

Set up an outdoor dining table and arrange the patio furniture to create ample walking space. Around the area, plant some colorful flowers and/or place some decorative items to beautify the area. This will help to make your backyard inviting and attractive to potential buyers.

Stylish patios are actually not hard to create and make for a wonderful outdoor extension to any home. Even if your budget is tight and your living space small, you can still have a lovely little oasis to whisk you and your loved ones away from daily stress if you have a beautiful patio.

Patios allow you to enjoy the outdoor scenery in the comfort of your very own home. It can also be a very inviting space for your guests and visiting family members. Follow the steps we have outlined for you to create a stylish patio that anyone in your home can enjoy after a long day.

Create the foundation

Use fabric panels or hanging planters to create a wall on a porch. You can use the trees, the vines around your homes or even the sky as your patio ceiling. Your flooring can be the grass in your yard or the decking. If you have plain concrete floors to dress up, use an area rug.

Add furniture and accessories

Adding the furniture will make your oasis seem more real and special. Consider resin furniture or other types of furniture of inexpensive, sustainable materials to keep the costs down. You should add a couple of chairs and a table. Also, don’t be shy about bringing traditional decorations into the patio. Pillows, throws and candles can all be charming additions into this outdoor space. You can add a few plants as well, to give your oasis a more “organic” feel to it.  

Light up the space

To make your patio into a really magical space, add lighting to create a nighttime glow. You can use the leftover holiday lights, candles, tiki torches or solar lights – the possibilities are endless! Having special lighting at night can literally transform this extension of your home into an oasis that you will want to stay forever.

Finally, remember to appeal to the widest range of buyers by keeping your background elements as neutral as possible.

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