Major Pregnancy Hormones That You Need To Be Aware About

There are various types of pregnancy hormones, and all of them helps to maintain your pregnancy and does prepare your body with regards to child birth. Let us now glance through the various types of pregnancy hormones


This is the hormone that has a role in sexual reproduction along with social bonding. It has an important role to play during the process of pregnancy and this could spread across to the first year after delivery. If the presence of this hormone is at a high level during pregnancy, it does indicate an effective bonding between mothers and their babies. The contraction of the uterus is caused by higher levels of this hormone.

In the last stage of labor, the function of this hormone is to keep the uterus contracting, whereby the placenta is being pushed out of the uterus. The blood vessels that are attached to it are being closed and this is the main reason that uterus sinks back to the normal size. When Oxytocin hormone levels are found in higher levels, it does encourage mutual attachment between the mother and the baby.


This is the hormone that is responsible for the production of milk. The levels of this hormone tend to increase around 10 to 15 time during pregnancy, and their main objective is to promote milk production. In a way your breast tissues are being prepared for lactation. Once your baby is born the levels of this hormone do increase and the first rise is whereby the milk production does start. To ensure better levels of this hormone, therefore the production with regards to breast milk. It is at that point that you would need to pump or breastfeed. If any of these actions are being performed then the levels of this hormone are bound to increase whereby the milk glands are stimulated are encouraged to produce more and more milk.


This hormone is present in your body when you are not that pregnant but that has to be much at lower levels. The moment you are pregnant, the first question that might come to your mind is when does relaxin peak in pregnancy? The answer to this question has to be during the first trimester of pregnancy. At this point of time it does help with regards to the implantation along with the growth of the placenta that does encourage preterm birth. It leads to the contraction of the uterus. This hormone also goes on to regulate your cardiovascular and renal systems whereby the extra load during pregnancy is managed.

Once you do reach the end of pregnancy, this hormone does indicate the rupture of the membranes that is surrounding the fetus and the body is prepared for child birth. It is undertaken whereby the vagina and cervix is softened through the birth canal. When does relaxin peak in pregnancy, would lead to unwanted looseing of non pregnancy symptoms of legs and knees. It could lead to inflammation and pain.

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