Property Maintenance You Can’t Neglect

Simple home maintenance checks can save you huge amounts of money. With a little preventative care, you’re not neglecting those small issues that could fast become major problems, costing you thousands of pounds in repair bills. As many as 1 in 10 homes in Britain needs repair work that is not being completed in time for harsh winter conditions.

Simple SThe current economic climat TjeThe current economic climate has led to people tightening their belts and putting off repair work, even major issues. This is making them vulnerable to a lot of stress and cost when the problem escalates into an immediate concern.

Even those who claim to be DIY enthusiasts admit that their skills do not go past most simple cosmetic improvements like painting a wall or re-grouting the bathroom tiles. Many homeowners lack the confidence to tackle even the simplest of preventative maintenance that could help stop a major problem in its tracks. A good example of a small task is having your guttering cleaned which costs around £40 or doing it yourself. Replacing broken or blocked guttering can cost in excess of £500!

As our homes are such a massive investment, it’s time to stop papering over the cracks. Home insurance cannot always be relied on as insurers are known to refuse paying out if a lack of maintenance was the cause of the problem. Failing to maintain your property correctly can invalidate your home insurance.

Things to check:

Your boiler should be serviced at least once a year by a registered professional and your central heating and gas fires should be checked too. For Gloucester Boiler Repair,

Ensure all pipes and any tank in the loft area are lagged. Maintain your central heating to at least 10C to prevent pipes from freezing, especially when temperatures drop. Locate your main stopcock is and know how to turn it on and off. Make sure your loft is insulated and adequately ventilated. Always keep an eye on the exterior to notice any potential issues that might be developing.

Always look at your roof, especially after bad weather. Check for any broken or cracked tiles or pointing problems. Roof repairs must be completed immediately to reduce the risk of water damage. Help prevent the blocking of drainpipes and gutters by removing debris and leaf build-up, especially in autumn. Ensure all your exterior lock are in good condition and remember to keep outbuildings and gates secure. Store away any loose items like garden furniture.

Check that all pipes outside and in the garage are properly lagged as well. Cut back foliage or low-hanging branches that might cause damage to your property in the event of a storm or high winds.

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  1. Property maintenance is an important aspect of safety, environmental sustainability, and property value. Failure to maintain a building will lead to deteriorated structural integrity, which can cause buildings to become unsafe. You explained every point very well. I like your blog and thanks for providing such information.

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