How To Sell Used IPhone 6?


Apple is widely known for its new edition of iPhone series each year. Are you in the mood of selling off your iPhone 6 in order to get the new IPhone 7? If yes, then you need to understand and know a lot of things so that you can have a good deal for your old phone.

It is quite understood that in the excitement of getting the upgraded version of iPhone, you must be in the hurry of selling off your used iPhone 6. But you need to understand that selling off your used iPhone in a hurry can be a problem for your buyer as well as sometimes for you too.

Here are a few steps that you should consider before you sell off your old iPhone 6.

Start By Taking Backup Of All The Data

The initial step that you need to take is to take backup of all the data of your used iPhone 6. You can easily do this by connecting your iPhone with your computer using the data cable and then moving of transferring all the data from iCloud of the device. After you have transferred the data from iCloud, if you have any data in the device memory, transfer those also to the computer.

Clean Your Device Space

Your phone may have a number of personal details and information such as contact details, personal messages, emails, images and others. So, your very next step will be to clean all such details. Also if you have applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, bank apps and others, then it is highly recommended to uninstall them. If you are sure that there is no such information of your use, then the best way is to go for factory setting of the device. This will clear all the details in one go.

Clean Your Phone

Only clearing your memory space is not enough. To sell the phone at a good price, you also need to make it look good. So, it is important to clean the inner case of the phone and make it dust free. Clean up the screen for any mark on it. Now, if you wish you can also visit any nearby store to mend the look of the case if you have got any scratches of discoloration issues. The more the phone will look flawless, the higher price you will get for it.

Go For A Check And Sale

Now the last stage is to go for an inspection of the device. You can visit any mobile store to have a check of the entire device to check its value as per its condition of battery and others so that you can claim the right price.

You can get a good price for your used iPhone 6 if you have your earplugs, data cable, charger and other accessories in great condition. If you have a guarantee certificate for the device, then, of course the valuation of the phone will be higher.

After having a check of all these stages, now you can sell off your used iPhone 6 online and can sell off the phone to someone who agrees nearest to the price what you have quoted.

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