Things To Know About Basic Interior Design

Interior design is an increasingly popular hobby—and profession—that can have a huge impact on your everyday life. There is a lot you can do to maximise what you have and express your taste and personality.

BBC news recently published an article that observed how architecture and physical spaces have a genuine effect on how people feel. It is especially important, then, to ensure that your home is having the optimal impact on your health, mood and lifestyle.

The basic concepts of interior design are easy to grasp and will instantly help you feel more empowered to create a great home. Take a look at some of the suggested initial considerations below.


It can be helpful to begin by considering space in its most basic sense. How much do you have? How much do you need? Is there any way you could make a small space feel larger, such as with mirrors, windows, extra light or good storage solutions? Is there a way to make large, empty spaces feel more homely, such as with soft textures, warm colours, extra seating or personal touches like artwork and ornaments? If you are clear about what you have, you are then in a position to consider what changes you would like to make.


Consider your lifestyle and how your spaces currently function. Do they save time or hinder you? Do they feel safe and peaceful or more invigorating? If you have a busy lifestyle, then consider both the colour and material of each surface. Grey laminate flooring, for example, is both a tranquil neutral colour and easy to clean—perfect for a busy household. Perhaps you may prefer a more vibrant hue or a different finish, but all reputable companies such as can advise on a solution.

Consider how much time you spend in each area and how well you feel your home reflects your lifestyle—then begin to make changes that will maximise your time, space and enjoyment.


There are many theories and suggestions relating to interior design. But all choices ultimately come down to personal taste and self-expression. The function of interior design is to ensure that the person owning the space feels how they want to feel within it, whether serene or energised, content or inspired. By considering some of the starting points above, you can make great choices.

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