Why Your Printed Delivery Packaging Matters

Opening up a package that’s just been delivered can have us all feeling like kids again, with the big difference being we know exactly what we’re getting. Brands that get the delivery packaging process right have been reaping in the benefits in recent years, with the likes of unboxing videos, social media sharing and word of mouth each driving sales up and bounce rates down. If you are struggling with your own delivery packaging, there are a few methods you can use to start making a difference to your deliveries, from printed packaging, to ensuring that every packaging element is functional.

The Unboxing Experience 

The presentation of your delivery matters. The first thing that your customers will see when their package is delivered Is the box or envelope that it is in, and this can have more of an effect than you first think. Even if your packaging is simple – think Amazon’s simple brown box – you can make a memorable impact depending on what your customers are looking for. In most cases, people buying from Amazon just want the item they’ve ordered, and then want it fast. More luxurious brands, however, need to be a little more creative. From branded tissue paper and packing materials to branded mailing bags or boxes, the entire unboxing experience matters so think from your customers point of view, and adjust accordingly

It Can Be A Valuable Marketing Tool

Following on from the point above, functional and stunning packaging can actually be a marketing tool in and of itself. Your delivery packaging has a social aspect, in that over 60% of consumers are more likely to share images of the products when they come in gift-like boxes, as opposed to discreet or non-descript boxes. If you want to keep your brand discreet throughout the delivery process, you can get creative with the inside of the packaging rather than the outside – which also adheres to the unboxing trend on YouTube.

There are thousands upon thousands of unboxing videos on YouTube, featuring vloggers opening up packages and boxes from brands across the globe. From new phones (Apple are a particular favourite) to mystery and subscription boxes, all the way through to new toys, there is an unboxing video for every product, which is where your brand may be able to benefit. Whether you post your own or encourage your consumers to do so, good packaging can encourage users online to spread the word and get involved themselves.

Build Meaningful Customer Relationships

You may not think that packaging can build relationships with your consumers, but you’d be very wrong! In eCommerce, building up a relationship with customers can only be done remotely, either through social media, live chats and calls and, of course, with the delivery of the product itself. For that reason, putting a bit of extra work into your package can take out the impersonal element and ensure that each customer has a pleasant experience as they unwrap the package. 

While still technically a remote interaction, offering your customers the joy of opening up a well-designed and organised package in a similar manner to a gift. This is a great way to continue interactions post-sale and encourage them to come back to make additional purchases in the future. 

The packaging you use for your deliveries and the way you box up the products can have a huge effect on how the customer reacts to receiving them. By injecting joy into your customers through this process, you can effectively alter and enhance the overall consumer experience.

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