5 Of The Coolest Bong Designs Of 2018

Standard bong designs may be suitable for some users, but not everyone can love a bong with a boring design. A bong with the right design can capture your heart and personalize your smoking experience. Following are some of the coolest bong designs of 2018 available in online headshops such as SmokeSmith Gear.

Rocket Ship Themed Dual User Water Pipe

Are you an astronaut? Maybe you are studying astronomy? Perhaps you are looking for a bong design that can mirror your space interests?

Made under the watch of the experienced professionals in the Empire Glassworks, this pipe serves as an excellent bong design for the space lovers. The bong features a water pipe with dropdown while it also presents multiple options for smoking. For instance, if you are in the mood for experimentation with some herbs or perhaps you just want to satisfy your tobacco urge, then you can use the “male bowl”. Similarly, for concentrates and nails, there is a female honey bucket.

Both of these components are designed to reflect moons and rings of different planets in the solar system. The dropdown functions as a passageway to the chamber, which can be used for heating nails as well for the protection of the glass. The rocket boosters in the bong consist of dichroic glass— an inspiration that has been taken from NASA. NASA produces glass for its space use with the fusion of metal oxide materials. Hence, you can brag to your friends that your bong has NASA’s glass!

Jane West Beaker Bong

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Are you looking for a bong that can enhance the beauty of your interior design? Sometimes couples go for a bong that can complement their home’s furniture, wallpapers, paintings, and other portions of the home. If you are thinking about getting a bong for such purposes, then you can certainly look into the Jane West Beaker Bong. As the name suggests, it has been created by the lifestyle activist, Jane West.

Whether you intend to enjoy a weekend night by smoking and partying with your buddies or you are looking to host a dinner party, the bong’s elegant design can be useful in a variety of use cases. The bong’s striking blue cobalt theme comes from its materials. The bong was designed with the cobalt ore and features the most genuine silica that can be found on the surface of the earth.    

Pineapple Paradise Bong

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Are you looking forward to a vacation in a tropical island? Perhaps you are visiting your nearby lake for some peaceful time? Maybe you are just looking to spend a few hours with your partner on the beach? Smoking on a beach and experiencing the beautiful blue sky while seeing the breathing-taking water is a soothing experience.

Whether you are reading your favourite book or are reminiscing your earlier memories, you may get an urge to sip a juice while you may also miss your stash. Fortunately, you can enjoy both with a single purchase of the Pineapple Paradise Bong. The bong consists of a male bowl that can house any herb of your choice. There is also a straw that functions as a mouthpiece.

California Current Recycler

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Do you live on the coast? Do you love the water life?

The famed bong manufacturing giant, Glassworks, captured the ocean lifestyle and exquisitely transformed it into their product. The bong has various turtles and also features seaweed. The turtles surround the structure of the glass as well as reside in the chamber. A purple turtle is used for the filtering of the smoke, resulting in the provision of quality smoke to the mouthpiece.

Some bongs are designed in such a way that the bong water may make contact with the users’ lips. As a consequence, the experience weakens, and the user is displeased. However, with California Current Recycler’s design, the bong water can be prevented to make any contact with your lips.

16” Coil Perc Beaker Bong

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Maybe you want a bong with a glossy and sleek design. This bong comes with a distinct water pipe design. The pipe contains a coiled perc through which users can check their smoke travelling through the entire equipment. Moreover, the bong can be customized through the use of vivid colours on its beaker base, coil perc, mouthpiece, and other components.

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