Some Great Modern Bronze If A Bit Strange

Despite it dating back to the classical age there is something about bronze that keep son bringing artist back to it. While they made not make pieces completely out of Bronze or combine it with other materials the hard wearing non corrosive metal is still very popular. Bronze is a mix of copper and time with some arsenic in there as well to make it runnier for moulding. Some of the best examples of how to make a great Bronze Horse Sculpture can be seen when you Follow this link to Gill Parker. Here are some modern examples of the art but a little bit quirky.

  1. Transcendence in Portland the USA. Whilst it might sound like a strange psychological piece it is in fact a very clever work of a fish seeing to stick through the corner of a building. What’s really clever is that the bricks around it have been altered to make it look as if the fish is still swimming.
  2. Mustangs at las Colinas in Texas the USA. This is a series of realistic wild horses running through a human made fountain. It was very common to see these powerful horses running wild in the area and the piece is a celebration of these noble beasts.
  3. The Gran Elefant Dret in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is famed for its love of art plus the absurd and this is no exception. Here the bronze is left rough and features an Elephant balancing its entire weight on its trunk.
  4. People of the river. Because bronze lends itself well to the creation of the human and animal form you’re more likely to see it. The mould s can be made to show brilliant reactions and this piece in Singapore is a beautiful recreation of five children forever having fun and jumping into the river. It is just one part of a larger work that has different images recreated in bronze of people illustrating life through the ages of Singapore.
  5. Non-Violence New York City the USA. This simple but evocative image is of a gun but with it’s  barrel twisted into a knot. It was made as a reaction to the singer and political activist John Lennon by an artist friend to commemorate his murder.

The Black Ghost of Klaipeda in Lithuania. Let’s end with a scary one! Looking like a Ringwraith from the Lord of the Rings, this black cloaked figure emerging from the Docks spelling doom for the city of Klaipeda. The faceless figure is crawling out of the water with an urgent message about the cities grain stores so the legend goes. It is certainly very spooky.

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