5 Things Dancers Love About Irish Dance

Artists and performers must love their craft, that’s a necessary condition for being truly great at what they do. With a complicated craft such as Irish dancing, hard work and talent are not enough, a dancer also needs passion and dedication. You might be wondering why do Irish dancers love this dance so much? What motivates them to dedicate themselves to this art form? After all, it’s one of the most complicated dances to perform. Besides, Irish dancers are more at risk for injuries than other types of dancers. Despite this, the Irish dance community is ever-growing and thriving, and here are some of the most important reasons why. 

Keeping the tradition alive

The Irish dance is a tradition that has been around for centuries. The Irish word for “dance” is dated around the 16th century, but little is known about this tradition prior to the 17th century. What is well known is that the Irish dance played a pivotal role in helping Irish communities preserve their cultural identity in the 19th century. Nowadays, many children in Ireland take extracurricular Irish dance classes. Besides, there are numerous local, national, and international competitions that unite the Irish Diaspora and Irish dance enthusiasts. This sense of communion and of getting in touch with your roots is what drives many Irish dancers to keep the tradition alive. 

Irish dancing – constant challenge for the dancer

As many dancers will tell you, Irish dancing is a real physical and emotional challenge. It requires a lot of skill and precision which are acquired by constant training. If you are an Irish dancer, you know what it’s like to wear your dance shoes out from too much practicing. However, there’s always  a huge selection of Irish dance shoes for you to pick from. The real challenge is to find one that will resist all the wear and tear caused by constant practicing and performing. Irish dancing doesn’t only require great physical ability, there’s also the constant pressure of improving your skills and competing with others. For many Irish dancers, that is exactly what drives them. The spirit of competition is what many dancers find so exciting about this dance.

Irish dancing has health benefits

Irish dancing is also very beneficial for one’s health. It is a physically demanding activity, so it goes without saying that it is a very efficient workout. It improves flexibility, muscle strength, bone strength, coordination, and body posture. It is a fast-paced cardiovascular exercise, so it is great for heart and lung health. Plus, there’s also the benefit of staying in shape. There are also emotional benefits thanks to the fact that it gives dancers something to focus on and something to look forward to. Besides, it is also about the comfort of being part of a community.

The Irish dance community

Being part of a community gives people a sense of identity. This, in turn, gives personal meaning to the mission of keeping the tradition of Irish dancing alive. Being part of the Irish dance community means getting together with people who share the same passion for dancing and for Irish heritage and making friends for a lifetime. It is a community that promotes solidarity and friendship, and this is why Irish dancers love being part of it. 

The public loves it

The per formative aspect is essential to Irish dancing, whether it’s for social or competitive purposes. People love to watch an Irish dance performance in a pub, at a St. Patrick’s Day festival. They also watch River dance or Lord of the Dance on TV. During Corona virus, there’s also a new wave of popularity for Irish dance on video-sharing apps. No matter the context, the public loves Irish dancing, and this gives dancers the possibility to showcase their talent and entertain the public while also promoting this tradition.

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