What An Abnormal Pap Smear Test Is All About


An abnormal smear test does in no way signify that you have cancer. It does help the doctor  identify the pre cancer cells and formulate a treatment plan so that they do not develop into cancer. Abnormal pap smear during pregnancy is normal and you would need to seek the advices of your doctor. If the test is abnormal, then your doctor will ask you to go for more frequent testing. In this form of test abnormal changes in the cervix  are  found out. This happens to be the lowest part of the uterus, and it is located on top of the vagina. In the modern days you are more likely to hear a pap test than a pap smear.

Though no form of real preparation is needed, there are a few things which can have an impact on the results. It can be performed during your periods, but it is better if you schedule in between the periods as well. If you had a pelvic exam, this test is not much different. You will lie on the table, with the feet in stirrups. With the help of a speculum your vagina will be opened and the doctor can then see the cervix. With the help of a swab a few cells of the cervix will be removed and it will be then placed on a glass slab which will be sent across for further testing. It may be a bit uncomfortable when it comes to testing, but it is a painless procedure. The whole procedure will not take more than  a few minutes. The results are expected within a week or two.

In most cases the results are expected to be normal ,which means that you do not have any abnormal cervical cells. It means that you do not have to think about it till the next test. If you do not receive a normal report, it does not mean that you have cancer as well. The test results can sometimes be inconclusive, and the cells may not look like normal cells, but in no way they can be classified as abnormal. An abnormal result means that some cervical cells have changed. Some of the probable reasons could be infections of inflammation. The abnormal cells tend to be low grade or high grade and the latter does look like normal chances which can form into cancer at a later date. In this regard, the doctor would be able to explain the results of the pap test, and what are the steps which you need to take in this regard.

Most women who are in the age group of 21 to 65 years need to get the pap test once in 3 years. The question can a pap smear be abnormal during pregnancy cannot be ruled out as well. You might need frequent testing if you are at a higher risk of cervical cancer, or if the test of the results has not go accordingly in the past as well.

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