Advantages Of Double Glazed Windows That You Need To Know

Icy cold in winters and hot in summers- seems like it’s time to move over single glazed window settings. And the reasons are ample to do so.

There is a constant surge in demand for the eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions that keep your houses warm in winters and breezy cool in summers. Switching over to the double glazed windows is the easiest way to achieve this naturally.

Given the fact that more than 10% of the heat is lost through the doors and windows of the house, making a shift towards misted double glazed units is no brainer!

Here are more reasons why double glazing is exactly what your home needs now

Saves money: Installing double glazed windows works best for the environment as well as for your pocket too. In winters, with the help of gap insulation, double glazing doesn’t allow the heat to dissipate out of your house. Insides remain naturally cosy; hence, the requirement for the room warmers goes down considerably. Similarly, during the summers glazing won’t let the heat from outside seep into your premises, dropping the temperature to a few degrees inside. As a consequence, A/C usage is reduced as well. Ultimately, this translates to the decrease in the overall electricity bill for your house.

Energy Efficient:  Since the requirement for power consumption goes down, the carbon footprint is reduced too. Misted double glazed units not only enhance the aesthetics of your place but also help you contribute significantly in terms of energy savings as well.

Cuts down on the noise pollution: If you are housed on a busy street, noises emanating from the constant traffic, neighbourhood houses or the kids playing in the vicinity etc might feel quite distracting and irritating at times. Single glazing is not efficient enough to cut out the clamour.  Offering noise reduction up to 35 decibels of sound, double glazing can help you effectively deal with this nagging issue. It can also help in controlling the constant rattling of windows during the windy season- a problem very commonly seen with the old single glazed window unit. Noise pollution is not only irritating but it makes things really tough for the people who operate from their homes. Installing misted double glazed units allows you the freedom to work peacefully in a soundproof environment.

Increased level of security: Single glazed windows are not tough to break into, this makes your house a soft target for the buglers waiting to strike. Double glazing your windows with high strength, thick and laminated glass not only makes your home sturdier but also deters the thieves and unscrupulous elements from trying their luck.

With so many benefits to count on, window double glazing is definitely an investment worth making to avail the long term gains associated with it.

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