How Vacuum Conveying Can Keep Your Facility Clean

Safety and cleanliness are important in most business premises, but in others, such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical they are critical. When products, such as fine powders, are moved from place to place there is a risk to the employees carrying out the process.

Vacuum conveying is one way that you can minimise the risks while also keeping the workplace safe and clean. More importantly, it can help to protect your staff from diseases associated with breathing in certain dusts and fumes. According to the Health and Safety Executive, asthma is one such crippling disease and it provides guidance about how to minimise the risks. But what is vacuum conveying, how does it work and how can it help?

What is a vacuum conveyor?

Vacuum conveyors transport dry goods from one place to another using suction. There is a metered entry point, where the goods are introduced to the system at a specified rate. This rate is determined by the size of the particles and their density. The product is then moved through a series of tubes to its end point where it is transferred into pick-up containers.

The type of system required for your business will depend on a number of factors such as, the characteristics of the product, the distance that it needs to be conveyed, the rate at which it needs to be moved and finally the size of your premises.

If you’re considering a vacuum conveying system for your business, companies such as have a wealth of experience and can discuss your requirements with you.

How does it help keep your facility clean and safe?

A vacuum conveying system is entirely enclosed, minimising the risk of dust particles from the goods becoming airborne as they’re moved. There are also a series of filters which catch any waste product. Because the system is enclosed, it’s extremely useful if you’re handling products which react with the environment, such as air, further minimising risk.

The process is also, in the main, automated which reduces the amount of contact operators need to make with hazardous products. This automation also reduces the need for manual handling and lifting which can cause injury to employees.

Cleanliness and safety go hand in hand in your business and a vacuum conveying system can help to improve both.

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