Can Cricket Clubs Survive the Admin Burden?

Increasing amounts of admin are placing new demands on cricket clubs. There are many admin tasks to deal with each season, including organising fixtures, reviews, recruitment, ground maintenance, DBS checks, health checks, fundraising and other issues. All of these activities lead to administrative tasks, which are putting people off getting involved in cricket clubs.

The admin burden can have an effect on whether a club can survive in the sports world. The hassle of dealing with all of these issues and the red tape involved mean it can be troublesome to organize even the most basic activities that we might take for granted.

Fall in Participation

Participation in cricket has fallen in recent years, and many think it is this red tape that has had a strong effect. The clubs with the best facilities and reputation will get the best players, and this takes money. The money for smaller clubs must be found through grants, fundraising and any generous donations.

Big clubs get lots of volunteers wanting to help out, but smaller clubs often do not have that luxury. They are reliant on other avenues for finance, and the admin tasks associated often cause many problems.

However, there are some ways to make admin tasks easier. For example, clubs can get a basic DBS check from professional organisations such as They can help sort out the details quickly and easily to prepare a DBS check with all the necessary requirements for cricket clubs.

Power and Money Problems

Even if the DBS check is not a problem, there are many more issues that cricket clubs face in terms of admin that make it difficult for smaller clubs to survive. Even at the higher level of cricket, there are still many areas that are problematic, and some cricket experts believe the game is being destroyed by money and power.

At a local level, the admin burden is high, and with few volunteers willing to do such arduous work for free long-term, many people are concerned that the small clubs won’t survive. People are calling for change to take effect with less of an admin burden or a faster, more streamlined approach where clubs can tackle two things at once. If this issue is dealt with, it is hoped that all cricket clubs will not only survive but thrive once more.

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