Great Places To Enjoy Cheap Meals In Birmingham

Birmingham is a great city to eat well without breaking the bank. From breakfast to dinner, here is a guide to the best restaurants and cafes to eat cheaper in the city.

Digbeth Dining Club

Held at Spot*light at Lower Trinity Street, a quirky and intriguing venue, Digbeth Dining Club hosts a wide array of street foods. Every Friday night, hordes of food fanatics descend and enjoy innovative food and great music.

Birmingham is not alone, as the number of casual dining spots has steadily increased throughout the country.


A Gujarati vegetarian restaurant, Jyoti’s is so good that even devoted meat eaters admit the flavoursome meals served here are a treat. The starters are legendary, with a trio coming in under a tenner.

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Every lunchtime, Habaneros serves up a taste of Mexico at an affordable price, and you can even order from your office desk.

Blue Nile

If you are an adventurous foodie on the lookout for new food and flavour experiences, Blue Nile fits the bill. A pocket-friendly and interesting restaurant, it serves Ethiopian cuisine, specialising in traditional spices and slow cooking.

Pearce’s Shellfish

Birmingham’s Bull Ring Indoor Market provides an exciting experience that is worth the trip. Fresh seafood may not be at the top of your expectations here, but Pearce’s Shellfish serves superb seafood at a great price.

Raja Monkey

A forward-thinking South Asian restaurant embracing a canteen vibe with snack platters and tiffin tins, Raja Monkey is worth a visit. Street food is served in an easy and light-hearted manner, where you can also opt for home delivery.

3 Three’s

Located conveniently near Birmingham’s new tramline, 3 Three’s expansive vegetarian and vegan menu is worth ordering from. Try their jumbo vegan frankfurters, split pea or spinach soup, or quinoa salads. Gluten-free fans will also be delighted by their range of gluten-free chocolates, crisps and sweets.

Peel & Stone

Lunch to go has been reinvented just outside the city centre at this Birmingham eatery. Baking their own fresh, first-rate bread, Peel & Stone serves buttermilk Hock Dogs alongside carrot and hummus on artisan bread, while their pecan pie is unforgettable.

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