Why Consider Paper Cups From A Leading Paper Cup Company

The environment and its well being concern us all. You get everything you need from Nature but its degradation is also on us. To reduce further degradation, everyone now strives towards making environment-friendly products and recycle as much as possible. Paper cups are just one of the ways to do so. Using paper products shuns away the use of plastic products. To maintain this, paper cup makers have been leaving no stone unturned to make the cups as durable as possible. Of the different kinds of paper cups in the market today, using uncolored cups are the best ones to use. Refraining from the use of color chemicals is healthier too. To buy white paper cups, you could either run down to the store or order online.

Since you will find a variety of paper cups in the market, you might want to shortlist a number of brands you would consider purchasing from. The Paper Cup Factory has been doing an impressive job in producing quality paper cups for the market ever since its inception in 2004. It provides for an array of paper cups for you to choose from. It provides for both single and double walled white paper cups, ecological cooler paper cones, Kraft ripple paper cups and bespoke printed paper cups. It also provides for paper cup trays and sleeves and paper cup lids. If you wish to hire them for your company, you could do so as they provide for branding of their cups too.

Though you will find about eleven paper cup companies in the UK, The Paper Cup Factory is a good choice to take into account while deciding considering the heights it has achieved since 2004. Today, it caters to a wide range of clients like supermarkets, football clubs, coffee houses, offices, charities, and many more. A few years after its inception, the turning point came when it also began providing its quality cups to the airlines that operated in the UK and Europe. The company has also created an Irish version of their website a few years back to cater to the Irish population too. Apart from these, it has also grown in popularity over the years which enabled them to successfully establish offices in Canada and Holland too. Having acquainted with the popularity of one of the leading paper cup companies in the UK, you would probably now wish to buy white paper cups from them.

Located on the eastern side of the UK, the company does its utmost to provide for quality paper cups, keeping in mind to be environment friendly. The paper cups are not only made from Nature, but are also recycled in order to minimize the exploitation of Nature. To buy white paper cups from them, you need to decide on the capacity of the cups first. They provide cups of 4 to 16oz.  A pack of 1000 4oz cups would cost about 24.95pounds and a 16oz pack would cost about 48.50pounds. Within UK, they would charge for an extra 4.95pounds/consignment.

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