How To Crack Your Exam?

Are you looking for some tips to crack your exam? Well, you are at the right destination.  With just a few days left for the CBSE examination, every student might look for the tips to crack the exam. Cracking CBSE boar exam is extremely easy if you follow the below tips. Here are some of the basic tips that help to crack your exam.

  1. Follow a proper schedule

Inorder to crack your exam, you must follow a proper schedule. Get up early in the morning say 5 AM. Then get ready and start preparing for the exam for at least 2 to hours. It is extremely good to study every day but most of the students used to study at last minutes of the exam. If you have prepared already, then no need to worry until the last minutes of your exam. Don’t just waste your time doing something irrelevant. You can take a break of 10 minutes for every 1-hour study. First of all, go and plan your schedule. The exam pattern and syllabus are already announced by the Authority, so you have to schedule your timings based on the syllabus. Focus on the syllabus and study accordingly. If you have time, you can also study in the evening; however, most students prefer studying in the morning as it is the good time to absorb the content faster than evening time.

  1. Take more water

Water plays a vital role in our body. Buthow many of us intake at least liters of water a day? From cell to tissue to blood, every organ constitutes water. It creates life. The human brain is covered by skull which fed on a kind of fluid. Dehydration can cause loss of fluid in your brain, which causes a headache, mental depression, stress and all. So, drink at least 9 glass of water every day to ensure the healthy life. This is how you made your day comfortably

  1. Mix &Matc

Give a day to plan your study in cbse 10th class. Don’t try to study all the easy topics in one day and all hard topics at some other day. If you study a light subject in one hour, you can take hard topics for half an hour. Likewise, you have to study throughout the day. Also, start your day with easy subjects. For example, if you find English difficult subjects, start your day with NCERT English books. After studying Mathematics for 2 hours, you can go to English section.

4.       Solve sample papers

It is extremely good to solve previous year question papers. If you have completed topics, you can try a mock test on that topics. There are few mobile applications are out there provide online Mock test & practice question papers. Solve one CBSE question paper every day. It takes three hours. Afternoon time will be slower than the Morning time. so, you can practice your question papers in the afternoon time. For better preparation, you can learn CBSE class 10from a renowned institution.

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