Everything You Need To Learn About The SMSTS Training Courses



SMSTS is a standardised training in the construction industry to teach the site safety and management norms to professionals. The course is set by the training board of construction trading. It contains all the concepts related to site management that anyone working on a construction site should know. Any professional working on the site needs this as a necessary qualification. Moreover, it is a renewal course, which you need to take again after every few years.

If you work as a manager in construction projects, you must consider taking CITB SMSTS refresher courses. It will train you to maintain site safety and take the necessary steps to ensure everyone working on the site stays safe with no health risks involved. Let us give you a deeper insight into SMSTS and discuss everything you need to know about it.

Things You Need To Know About Smsts

Course Content

It contains all the concepts and information related to site management. The topics are about proper site planning and ensuring the health and safety of people working on it. Topics covered in this include a general introduction to the site safety and health management, identifying the potential risk assessment and learning ways to cope with them. It also includes hazard control measures and techniques, auditing the health and safety protocols, and supervising the site professionally.

Every topic concerning the identification of flaws, implementation of safety measures, and risk management gets covered under this refresher course.

Who Should Do This?

Any professional who works on construction-related projects can take this course. SMSTS is ideal for beginners to grab the best employment option in the construction niche. Moreover, the professionals already working in this industry can also do this course to scale in their professional careers and secure their position as site managers.

The only thing you need to be careful about is the choice of training provider. You need the best platform and get the certification which holds validation around the globe. Moreover, the professionals have to keep repeating this course to stay updated with the latest information about the norms or the safety protocols which might have changed over the years.


It is a quick course of only two days which you can take online. Thus, professionals can take it up with their routine job and get the certification without changing their schedules.

How Does Certification Help?

The CITB SMSTS refresher courses help the site supervisors and managers to take care of the resource management and safety process. Every hiring team consider this certification as an eligibility criterion for hiring professionals. So, you can expect to get better salary and job roles after completing this course.

These are the basic details every site manager needs to know about the site safety and management course. If you plan on taking this course, you should look for a reliable training platform that can help you with the best study material. Moreover, you should choose a renowned platform with universal acceptance and recognition. Take the course at the right time in your career and enjoy all the advantages.

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