How You Can Keep Your Trees Healthy And Growing?

A landscape filled with plants and trees is an addition to the beauty of a Garden, home and workplace. But planting the right choice of trees and keeping them growing and healthy is a difficult task because trees need special care and attention. We should protect them by caring for them with great health. This way we can generate a good environment surrounding us and the world.

Tree surgeons in Tiptree can help you and give the advice to make them healthy and growing. Below are some tips to keep the trees healthy and growing:

Protect Tree Root Zone:  Protecting tree roots are essential for healthy trees. This is called Critical Root Zone (CRZ). Roots should be moist and fibrous and for this, healthy soil with air and space is needed within the critical root zone. Oxygen is also important for nutrient absorption.  So, protecting roots will definitely result in major health benefits to a tree.

Watering A Tree:  The question arises how much water and when? For newly planted trees, water them immediately after you plant. They need watering properly in the first two years after planting. So, it needs more water to expand its roots and establish. You must check soil moisture around the roots to a depth of 2″. In the dry season, water trees 2 or 3 times per week to maintain the moisture in the soil.

Tree Inspection:  Tree inspection must be done after every six months to check the broken, dead or rotten branches that need removal. This will also help to find out the bug infection if any. Some insects also may damage the tree and lead to tree diseases which need to get rid of it. To keep your tree healthy and strong must be aware of available pests and tree diseases.

Mulching:  Mulching is also a necessary process and helps to grow a tree. You have to remove the grass and weeds that are around and under the tree and cover the soil with mulch. Mulching helps to keep away soil microbes, worms and insects to keep soil healthy. It keeps weeds out to help root protection. Also, prevents soil compaction and reduces soil damage.

Pruning Trees:  Pruning and the removal of dead wood and branches can be done for the healthy growth of a tree. Winter is a good time to prune trees before the spring season. You can just select the branches that are dead and need to be removed. You can prune flower trees when their flowers fade. Trees and shrubs that have flowers can be pruned in winter or before spring.

Fertilize Your Trees:   Fertilizing a tree is important to keep it growing. As it helps trees to get energy from fertilizer to keep roots healthy and grow. Natural fertilizer is more helpful as compared to human made and helps the tree grow naturally. So, try to use biodegradable and eco-friendly fertilizer always to make soil more nutrients and keep trees healthy.

The above mentioned steps will keep you ensure that your trees are healthy and strong. If trees are taken care of well they can be more resilient towards storms, heavy rain, snowfall and drought. Tree maintenance is not easy and needs a lot of work from watering, pruning, mulching, trimming, and removing dead branches to keep them healthy. If you aren’t aware of the things to be done you can take the advice of Tree Surgeons In Tiptree. The tree in your home or workspace or landscape will not only beautify the place but also helps to keep our environment healthy.

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