Know How Of Canada Visa Points Calculator

The ones who want to board to Canada to study or to work or just to live there then they need to know that they will have to get a visa. Visa gives an allowance from the government of Canada to travel, live, work or study there.

 So, as soon as possible you should apply for your visa and submit your documents. According your eligibility and the documents you submit you will be assigned with points and if you qualify that criteria of minimum score you will get your visa.

IRCC (An organization that defines immigration rules in Canada)

There is an association or the body of under Canadian government that works and holds the responsibilities of immigrants. This association is IRCC that stands for Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This department was established to look into the immigrant issues coming or leaving Canada. In year 1994, this organization came into existence.

What is Canada Immigration Points Calculator?

To evaluate that the visa applicant is eligible for living in Canada they are checked over various criterion of points calculator for Canada pr. On the basis of the defined guidelines applicants are assigned points and if they qualify the defined score then they are confirmed for visa. 

There are 6 selection aspects on which the immigration are assigned points by Canada visa points calculator. They are described as follows:

  • On the basis of education

If applicant has master’s degree or PhD then he will be assigned 25 points and the lowest marks which are given in this category is five.

  • On the basis of language evaluation

One who his proficient in both of the official languages used in Canada he gets 24 points. To evaluate this proficiency the applicant has to appear in a test which comprises of oral and written modules.

  • On the basis of experience

For one year experience 15 points are awarded. The maximum points which can be secured under this category are 21.

  • On the basis of age

Ten points are assigned if the applicant age lies between 21 and 49. And if they don’t lie in this range two points are deducted for each year.

  • On the basis of arranged employment

Under this ten points are awarded to the applicant for having permanent job under the verification of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

  • On the basis of adaptability

If the applicant has spouse or any relative already living in Canada then, he gets 10 marks under this evaluation criterion. So if you have friends and relative in Canada then it can be beneficial for you.

As per the aspects described above the points are assigned to the applicant and then, if points are above 67 in total out of 100 the applicant is qualifies otherwise not. So, apply with complete suitable documents so that you qualify this evaluation criterion.

Hope you would have understood the complete concept of Canada visa points calculator.

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