Life In Coronation Street

Coronation Street is one of the longest running soap operas in television history. It was filmed for 53 years at the Granada studio in Manchester but then moved to a new site in Salford covering an area of 7.7 acres. Millions of people tune in to watch the latest episodes and many fans taking up the option of a studio tour to see the location settings for themselves. The popularity of soap operas has only increased over recent years and is one of the reasons why TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham companies are called in to ensure that the picture is crystal clear when the family sit down to see what is going on at The Rovers. If you need a tv aerial repair Cheltenham appointments can be arranged through steve unett aerials

The very first set for Coronation Street was built in 1960 on the present day Quay Street site and the street was built in two separate halves due to building restrictions. The cobbled streets were actually painted onto the floor of the studio but shots of the entire street were not possible due to the need for it to be built in two separate sections. As filming in high definition took place from 2010 onwards, a few changes to the set and props were made including, refitting the chimney stack, this time made from fibreglass and the food served in Roy’s Rolls was switched from fake to real. This was all in a bid to make the set look more realistic against the high definition filming.  The drinks served in the Rovers are also created to look as authentic as possible. The gin and tonic served is actually fizzy water with lime added to give it the right look, whilst the beer served is in fact shandy made up with a higher ratio of lemonade to beer.

The makeup and hair professionals work hard for five days a week to ensure that everyone is ready for their scenes. It has been reported that in just one month of film they get through the following:

  • 15 cans of hairspray
  • 50 tissue boxes
  • 20 makeup wipe packets
  • 10 lipsticks
  • 6 eyelines
  • 4 blushers
  • 6 eyeshadows
  • 5 powders

The wardrobe department also work incredible hard behind the scenes ensuring that each characters clothing is prepared for their scenes as well as designing and creating new items that fit in with the character brief for each person.

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