Low Key Fashion Tips


When it comes to fashion, many of us picture super models walking down the runway is post apocalyptic chic, and we think, “That’s not for me.” It’s understandable, as many of us disregard fashion because it’s not something we’d feel comfortable wearing out and about. However, that doesn’t mean fashion’s not for you. It simply means high fashion is not for you. Fashion is more a school of thought that a specific set of rules, and so it can guide you to a better look even with a more “normal” wardrobe. Here are some ways to elevate your down to Earth look.

For starters, try revamping your wardrobe with some more adventurous, but still “normal” items. This way, the following advice isn’t wasted on Walmart tee shirts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it does severely limit the palette you have to work with, so don’t be afraid to drop some coin on some fresh threads from Torrid to get you started.

Next, you’ll want to start playing with colour. Many of us stick to predominantly black tee shirts and blue jeans, and that’s fine, but it’s also boring. Fine usually is. Instead, consider the power of color coordination. For example, you could try pairing your blue jeans with a shirt in a blue green color like teal. This will kind of blend the two colors together in a sort of gradient that will make both colors like better. However, you could also try complementary colors. Blue opposite and, therefore, complementary color is yellow or orange, depending on your medium, so both colors work well with blue jeans and make both colors pop.

With these tips in mind, you’re poised and ready to take your down to Earth fashion up a level or two.

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