Returns And Refunds In An Online Toy Store

Every online store sends out products that were ordered by its customer. There are situations when the customer will not like the actual product or they might receive a damaged product. Returning the product is the only option for the customer during such instances. DC Marvel Store is an online store that sells marvel toys and miniatures along with some of the most loved limited editions to the people. The return policy of this store lasts up to 90 days. The customers should return the product before this period if they wish for their product to be exchanged, returned or refunded. The item that is returned should be in an unused form.

The item should remain in the same condition as it was delivered to the customer. It is very important to have the product in its original packaging to be able to return it. When the customer wishes to return a product, it is necessary to know the nature of the product that is purchased. Goods that are perishable cannot be returned as they will go waste if they are being returned back. Some of such products are flowers, magazines, food items and also newspapers. Sanitary goods and intimate products are also not accepted back by the store. During the time of return, the customer should provide the receipt as a proof for the purchase that was made. There are also partial refunds that are given if there is a sign of use in the purchased book, DVDs, CDs or vinyl tapes. A product that is missing parts which is because of a customer’s error will only be refunded partially.

When the returned item is received by the store, they will send a notification to the customer that the item has been received. They are entitled to either accept or disapprove of the return based on the condition of the returned item. For an item that is accepted, the refund will be processed. The amount that was paid will be transferred to the card or to the bank account from which the payment for the product was made. One can click reference for more information on returns and refunds in the website. The items that were purchased in a sale cannot be returned. It is only possible to return items that are sold under their regular price. If a person wishes to exchange their goods, they will have to first email the store and wait for their guidance. It is not advisable to just send back the product. When a gift product is returned, the gift giver will be informed about the same. It is the customer’s responsibility to take care of the shipping charges when returning a product.

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