Should You Add Nicotine To Your E-liquid?

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Most smokers are now discarding the harmful cigarettes or tobacco tubes and focusing on the electronic cigarettes. These are filled with a vaping liquid which when sparked by the battery can produce the vapors just like a cigarette. In most cases, the e-liquid lacks the nicotine and instead consists of other compounds which almost behave the same as this nicotine compound but possess less harm. For example, CBD oil, Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and others are mainly used in the e-cigarettes as the main source of vapors. 

Now, the main question is whether you can add nicotine to these e-liquids or not!

Since most smokers aren’t aware of this very fact, we are going to discuss everything about the nicotine addiction to the best e liquid UK, starting from how to add the compound to the harmful effects of the same. 

How to add the nicotine to your e-liquid?

Adding nicotine in the e liquid is not an easy process. Rather, it involves precision and expert knowledge about the dosage of nicotine to be included and also the correct way of adding this compound. So, to make you more knowledgeable, here we have briefly explained the steps by which you can include the nicotine compound to your vaping liquid. 

  • First of all, you need to focus on the composition of the vaping liquid present in your e-cigarette. Based on the composition, the strength of the e-liquid can be deduced. 
  • Next, based on the strength and weight of the e-liquid, you need to decide what dosage of the nicotine should be added. If you want the e-liquid to be as strong as the normal cigarettes, you have to add the nicotine in liquid form and that also in correct form. 
  • While adding nicotine, you need to understand how it will affect the strength of the vaping liquid and your tolerance level.

What are the side effects and risks of e liquid containing nicotine?

Nicotine does possess a lot of potential risks to our health because of which smokers now rely on the best e liquid UK. However, those who are seriously added to this compound will need the nicotine in one form or the other. This urge has led many smokers to add the nicotine in the vaping liquid before taking the puffs. Even though many still believe that nicotine mixed with other oils wouldn’t do any harm, the real picture is far different from this. 

  • The vapors will have nicotine compounds in them, which will harm your lungs and other parts of the respiratory system.
  • Excess nicotine in the body can induce infertility and sterility in both men and women.
  • Those smokers who add the nicotine to their vaping liquid are at higher risks from cardiac problems. 
  • Another most disturbing fact about nicotine addition to the e-liquid is that the compound will most certainly reduce the body’s immunity response.  

Here, we have discussed the two most relevant topics regarding the addition of nicotine in the e-liquid. So, now, it’s up to you whether you want to hang on to the nicotine addiction and bring more harm to your health or want to enjoy smoking but without nicotine. 

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