Things You Need To Know About Bouncy Castle Hire

Whether it is a season of festivals or simple weekend parties, the bouncy castles or the houses are one of the most hired items for the events. But choosing the right supplier of the castles is one of the most important things to do and you must choose companies like Ellis leisure in Essex who provide quality items which are completely functional and safe for the users. There are seven steps to understand the functionality and the reliability of the bouncy castles which you must know before hiring any one of them.

  • Castle’s anchorage points: It is very important to hold the castles to the ground with strong supports and thus there is a requirement for various anchorage points so that the castle doesn’t fall and accidents can be prevented. Mainly when the castle has to be fixed outside in the courtyard area, the anchorage is one of the most important things you need to look at. If the castle has to be fixed inside the halls of the venue then you need to see whether the moorage straps of the castles are properly getting fixed on the ground or not and is there any chance of casualty.
  • Absorbent mats: When the castle has to be fixed inside the hall or indoor party, the floor will be concrete, so you would need absorbent mats to protect the children and even the adults to hit the grounds directly from the slips. Otherwise, they will get hurt if they hit the concrete ground directly from the castles.
  • Check and mention the weight capacity of the castle: Any bouncy castle can hold up to a certain amount of weight. You need to check with the company from which you are hiring the castle that how much weight the castle can take on a go. Make sure that the weight limit is mentioned to avoid any kind of accidents.
  • Additional staffs: There have to staff to maintain the castle and the crowd in it otherwise any casualty can happen anytime. Make sure the company like Ellis leisure in Essex can send additional staffs to your venues with the castles.
  • Age group: There are different types of castles for the different age group. You need to know which type of castle you need for the party, whether it is only for the children or also for the adults.
  • Instructions to use the castle: Being the host of the party, you must instruct the little kids who are excited to hit the bouncy castles about its safety instruction even if there are staffs to handle the same. The instructions should also be on display.
  • Check whether the company is certified or not: The certification of the company is a must and you need to know whether the company is certified to rent out the bouncy castles or not.

The above-mentioned points are crucial while hiring bouncy castles from companies like Ellis leisure in Essex, so make sure you follow the steps and hire proper bouncy castles.

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