Top Cities To See In The New Year

  1. Sydney

Sydney, Australia is the first big international city to welcome in the New Year. If you want to be the first to see January 1st, then head to the impressive Sydney Harbour fireworks display, with the stunning Sydney Opera House as your backdrop. The added bonus with Oz is that it’s summer there, so you can see the New Year in on one of the city’s best beaches like Bondi.

  1. Hong Kong

The glittering skyline of Hong Kong makes for a New Year celebration you won’t forget in a hurry. The fireworks are held over Victoria Harbour and set to music, creating the perfect atmosphere among the crowds gathered on Star Ferry Pier. Here you’ll also find theatre shows, circus performers and one of the city’s favourite amusement parks.

  1. Bangkok

The nightlife in Bangkok is often voted among the best in Asia, so you can expect New Year to be a big deal here too. If you’re looking for crowds, major revelry and lots of noise, then this is the place to sing Auld Lang Syne. Central World Plaza is the Bangkok equivalent to Times Square and after you’ve been there, why not treat yourself to a drink at the famed Red Sky bar. Wherever you celebrate this year, make sure your party doesn’t run out of beverages. For Post Mix Equipment, visit

  1. Dubai

The tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and is the ultimate place to be on New Year’s Eve. Crowds gather at the foot of the awe-inspiring skyscraper to watch the nearby firework display. There are many top restaurants in the city to visit while you’re there and who could resist a little New Year retail therapy at the world’s biggest shopping mall at Dubai Mall.

  1. Moscow

You might not have considered Moscow, but it really offers one of the most visually amazing experiences and firework display backdrops on New Year’s Eve. Yes, it’s cold but beautiful and you can take in one of the most visited tombs in the world, that of communist leader Vladimir Lenin. Celebrate in style with a rooftop bar at the Ritz Carlton right in the heart of Moscow.

  1. Las Vegas

Where better to ring in the New Year than with the bright lights of the Strip in Las Vegas? It’s bright and loud every day of the year, so imagine how ‘all out’ it goes on this one night! The Strip is closed to traffic on NYE and pedestrians take over for an amazing festival of fun. At midnight, the casinos launch fireworks from their rooftops! See it from the ground or form up high in the Stratosphere Tower.

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