Amazing Party Game Ideas Making Your Party Memorable

Whether you’re the bride-to-be, guest or the bridesmaid, hen party is the one important event that everyone waits for it. It is like a celebration where you’ll get to enjoy music, dance, food, drinks and of course a lot of incredible games. A hen party is always incomplete without some brilliant and a bit notorious games. Games should be that incredible that it is remembered even after several years of wedding. To read more details about the right combination of games and entertainment at your party then have a look at the list of these amazing party games ideas:

The classic game of Truth And Dare

Well, we all must have played this game before. This is a simple game but full of surprises and entertainment. Before the party, you need to make a few chits for ‘truth’ and ‘dare’. Some of the best ideas of truth questions are –who was your first crush? Do you have any secret talent? Some of the weirdest but interesting dare ideas are dancing on the table, doing cartwheels, doing poll dance and many more.

Drinking game-Never Have I Ever

This game is perfect for hen party as it lets you find out quirky things about other hens present at the party. Every hen will be asked with a few questions. The game will start with a statement about what she has never done in life before by saying “Never have I ever”.  If any hen in her life has done that thing, must drink a shot.

Bridal dress with toilet paper

This interesting game is all about making a beautiful wedding dress for the bride-to-be with the use of toilet paper. Yes, you heard it right, toilet papers. Divide the hens into a team where every team will get a time of 5 minutes to dress the bride with toilet paper. If you wish, you can also add feathers and foils. This game will surely make your night memorable for years.

Who’s who game

This interesting game can add more fun to your party. All you need to do is to ask the hens to write some information or facts about themselves on a piece of paper. Let the bride guess who has written it.

Mr and Mrs Quiz

This game of Mr. and Mrs. is all about checking the bride’s knowledge about her would be the better half. Get every hen to write a question on paper. On every wrong answer, the bride has to put on a fancy dress item like joker’s nose, a big mask etc.

Hens party Pictionary

It is just like the game which you must have played in your childhood. What you need for playing this game is a marker pen and some papers.  You can divide the hens as a team of two in which one will draw the pictures and the other hen will have to guess the name. To make the game interesting, you can add words like the honeymoon, bridesmaid etc.

These aforesaid games of Pictionary, truth & dare etc. are perfect for making your hens night a memorable one. You can search on the internet for more fun & entertainment ideas.

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