What To Do And Avoid After A Spine Surgery

If you’re a workaholic who has recently undergone a spine surgery, then be prepared you are not going to like the list of restrictions that come after the surgery. However, you must always remember that this temporary and the less you jump around trying to do work, the faster you’ll find yourself on the recovery front.

Here are a few tips to help you through the recovery process:

  1. You will need to incorporate a few changes. First you must start with not sitting in the same position for more than twenty minutes at one go. You must sleep in a position where you don’t have to twist your body and you can have a painless night’s sleep. Sex is a big no no right after the surgery. Ask your surgeon and he’ll tell you what will be the appropriate time to go into it.
  2. You may need a corset or a back brace to help your back stay in the shape it’s meant to stay and support it. It is important that you wear the brace if you’re going on a walk or while sitting and working. It is not important to continuously use it if you sit on the side of the bed for a short period of time or if you get up to use to bathroom.
  3. After the surgery it’s important that you don’t bend at your waist to pick some item off the ground. Whenever you have to pick something up, squat, bend at your knees and then pick something up. Don’t try to lift anything heavy or above 5 kilograms. A heavy packet of groceries can undo the effects of a successful surgery. Hire a help or keep a maid at home to help you with the work. You must not even try to lift something above your head incase the fusion ruptures.
  4. If you’re going to go for a walk, make sure you only walk very slowly and don’t increase the amount of distance within the first two weeks. After a few weeks you can slowly increase the amount of activity and how far you can walk.
  5. Walking up and down the stairs is still okay, provided that it doesn’t cause you too much discomfort. A spine surgery doctor in india will tell you what is the appropriate amount of walking up and down you can do as per your surgery.
  6. You shouldn’t start golfing, swimming, running or any other strenuous activities. To get onto any activity other than walking, you must always consult your doctor. Prevention is better than cure.
  7. House cleaning and vaccuming should be avoided at all costs.
  8. However even though activities should not be undertaken, physical therapy is very important. After your surgery, the doctor will definitely recommend some non-hassle excercises for your benefit, that keeps the back in a proper position and safe.
  9. Don’t get up from the chair or the bed with a start. Ease into the process so that you don’t end up straining a nerve. Your back should be kept safe during all activities like minor lifting and even carrying light items.

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