Why Do Women Choose To Have A Breast Enlargement

Many myths are associated with breast augmentation procedures for women, particularly the personal reasons for breast enlargement. One common widespread belief is that women undergo a breast enlargement procedure simply for vanity purposes. While a woman may have breast augmentation done because she is dissatisfied with her breast size, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are other reasons for a woman to get a breast enlargement besides trying to improve her physical appearance or self-esteem.

To Correct Post-pregnancy Changes

After having a baby or breastfeeding, a woman may experience a change in her breast size, shape and volume. Breasts often increase in size during pregnancy and also while a woman is breastfeeding her child, due to hormonal changes and the added volume of the breast milk.

The shape of the breast changes once the additional volume from being pregnant or breastfeeding is gone and the result may not be aesthetically pleasing or comfortable. Since the skin around the breasts stretch to accommodate the additional weight, a woman may be left with loose skin and sagging breasts post-pregnancy or after breastfeeding. A breast enlargement procedure, carried out at LJCSC or similar center, can restore the lost volume and preserve the desired shape.

Reduce Side Effects from Weight Loss

Weight loss can cause the same issues seen in post-pregnancy breasts, especially if the woman has lost a significant amount of weight. A woman who was previously heavy but is now quite slim will have smaller breasts than before and sagging skin as a result. Breast enlargement will restore breast volume and shape while reducing sag.

Correct Asymmetry

Most women have asymmetrical breasts, with the left one often slightly larger than the right. However, some women have a very noticeable difference in left and right breast sizes. For example, a woman can have two different bra cup sizes if she has a significant difference in her right and left breasts.

Very asymmetrical breasts may make a woman feel self-conscious and limit her clothing choices. While breast enlargement surgery will not create a perfectly symmetrical pair of breasts, it can help to correct noticeable size differences.

Lessen the Effects of Aging on the Body

As a woman ages, the size, shape and volume of her breasts changes. Older women may have reduced volume and loss of firmness as a result of aging skin and lower hormone levels. Breast enlargement procedures can help to restore firmness and size, easing the transition into senior adulthood.

Before a woman decides to get a breast enlargement, she should consider all the options available and how the new size will impact her lifestyle. A physically active woman, for example, may want to consider a smaller implant to accommodate her active lifestyle. By weighing all the pros and cons, she can ensure she’s making the right decision for herself.

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