Who Are The Permanent Residents In Canada?

In the present times, there are many people who are willing to apply for Canada PR. Permanent residence of Canada has various benefits. Such people have some specific permissons under which they can live and work in Canada. There is no time limit to stay in Canada. To get the status of permanent resident in Canada, there is a set of procedure which has to be adopted.

You can look forward to apply for various statuses including immigration, refugees and citizenship. To apply for Canada PR, the person needs to live in the country for two years out of every five years.

What are the benefits of getting Canada PR?

If you have the PR of Canada, then you will have the following benefits:

  • You, as a PR, will have the right equivalent to Canadian citizens
  • You will also get the right to live, work and study in the country
  • You will also get social benefits which also includes the employment insurance


Canada immigration permanent resident is entitled to get the above stated benefits. To apply for Canadian citizenship, the PR will have to stay for atleast 4 years, but this condition is not mandatory.

There are some restrictions under PR:

  • PR cannot run for elected office
  • They will not hold Canadian passport
  • They cannot vote in federal elections
  • Cannot hold those jobs which require high level of security

What is express entry?

This scheme was introduced in 2015 in which a new program was introduced by Canadian government. Under this program, you can apply for permanent residence and was termed as Express Entry. In this model, there was some weightage assigned to the following factors:

  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Age

Different categories of PR visa

You can look forward for applying under the following visa to get Canada PR:

  • Family sponsorship
  • Investors’ enterpreneurs
  • Live in care giver visa
  • Quebec skilled worker program
  • Under express entry, you can apply for skilled immigrant program

Procedure to apply for Canada PR

To apply for Canada PR, you need to check out the following steps:

  • Fill up the assessment form as per the instructions stated
  • Your profile details will also be accessed by an immigration expert. This formality will be carried out at the visa venues.
  • You will have to contact the experts to take the advice regarding the suitability of visa category


To apply for PR visa Canada, you also need to fulfill the requirements which are related with visa rules and required processes. Free visa enquiry form also needs to be completed if you want no faults in the formalities. It is recommended that you hire a firm which helps in making you pick the right visa. There are many consultants for Canada PR who are highly experienced to suggest you the ways to get the PR of Canada.



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