Everything You Need To Know About The Hotel Signs

You are driving down a deserted highway. It is almost sundown and you are looking for a pocket-friendly place to crash for the night. Suddenly you see a red neon hoarding directing you to a cheap motel nearby. Well, the purpose of hotel signs is one too many.

Sometimes they are the beautiful neon hoardings adorning the country roads adding life and feel to your journey as you drive through. Their sole purpose, however, is to advertise and lure in customers, the brighter, and bigger the better. In this world of competition, it is always important to stand out and these neon hoardings do just that. They brightly shout out to the world that a room is available at a certain price with the best services at a nearby hotel.

But hotel signs are not restricted to these large hotel hoardings. They refer to every little bit of information that makes your stay enjoyable, comfortable, and welcome. So every arrow down the hallway guiding you to your room, leading you to the bar or directing you to the pool area falls in the category of important hotel signs. Sometimes, these signs can also be important directives telling you about the do’s and don’ts in a particular section of the hotel, warning you about restricted access to certain areas of the hotel. Information that tells you about the basic amenities available in the hotel like laundry, the parking area, etc., is also important signs.  These signs can be made from several different materials each suiting the purpose and in coordination with the hotel decor. They can either be wooden plates with acrylic paintings stating the room numbers or aluminium or brass signs doing the same job. With the world of design and art spreading its wings, signs have also undergone a fashion makeover. Apart from serving their purpose these signs also add to the decor of the hotel and are very much a part of the interior design of any standard well-furnished hotel. The types of signs to be used, therefore, not only vary by the material but also by design, texture, and font. Some fonts are simple while some show a touch of calligraphy. Whatever be it signs should be legible and self-explanatory. They should be well-placed so that they can be easily viewed and read. They should also be placed close to a light source to be viewed at night. The language should be such that it can be easily understood by all. Another importance of these signs from the perspective of the hotel management is that the guests can by themselves find their way in and around the hotel and its luxuries without having to disturb a hotel personnel at all times.

These signs are meant to impart a sense of independence to the guests staying at the hotel. They make the hotel more accessible and easy to explore. Thus the proper placing and correct information being furnished on these signs are of utmost importance because if an emergency arises one would love to know where the emergency exits of the hotel are and are guided correctly towards them by these signs.

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